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May 26- June 1, 2024

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(Our FREE weekly Forecasts // Crude Oil, Gold, Euro, ZB (T-Bond) and ES S&P 500 Futures for Week)

The aforementioned images provide a comprehensive overview of our trading plan for the upcoming week. This roadmap will serve as our guiding framework, informing our decision-making process throughout the week. We have implemented straightforward and user-friendly rules, designed to maximize our probability of achieving favorable outcomes.

For your pleasure, we have completed our Forecasting in both Ensign® and NinjaTrader®.

Click the chart to view our progress with the application below.

Videos Outlining our Forecasting Process

Videos Outlining Our Weekly Forecasting Process:

How to use SwissFT WRAF to Take $ from market this week!

WRAF = "Weekly Research Analysis Forecast" - Our Weekly Swing Trading Regimen

WRAF contains several elements to assist viewers to plan trade signals weekly. 

We provide some charts to picture what may happen next week.

We provide spreadsheet containing entry signals with suggested gain probability.

We provide last week’s performance from trades previously suggested.

We offer a couple of videos to discuss what to expect from the methodology.

WRAF contains several elements to assist viewers to plan trade signals weekly. 

We provide some charts to picture what may happen next week.

To enlarge image for better viewing click 4 tiny arrows above image in black area.


Live Trading Week Sept 11 - 15

^^100 Trades in 3 Days While Migrating from Micro to Full Size Contracts^^

The charts presented here contain valuable yet intricate information. We make it a point to share this information on weekends to convey our forecast story. The purpose of sharing this story is to assist viewers in interpreting any biases that may arise in the upcoming week. If you're interested in regularly receiving our forecast, kindly provide your email address in the ZoomRoomRadio form located at the top of various pages on this website. By doing so, you will receive our Sunday blog along with suggested guidance.

Our guidance comprises an entry zone, target exit, and protective stop. Additionally, we provide accompanying notes to facilitate candlestick interpretation. All these components are carefully designed to enhance your understanding of the financial markets.

Therefore, whenever you find a few spare moments, we encourage you to explore our Training tab at to delve deeper into these concepts.

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Fibonacci ABCD Pattern
Baseline OHLC ( Open High , Low Close ) OHLC bar trading charts
Japanese Candlesticks Harami  Chart Patterns
Forecasting Market Direction of Futures
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OHLC bar trading charts
Harami  Chart Patterns
Market Direction of Futures
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