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Join FuturesTalk Live Trade Radio (Zoom Room Radio)

It's time to simplify your trading life! 

View Live Trading between 5 & 8 AM Pacific!


We are your guide and your mentor!

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Also, Learn How to Trade Our
Weekly Research Analysis Forecast (WRAF)
Where we Offer Swing Trade Alert Setup Opportunity

Presented by SwissFT
via FuturesTalk™ Mentors!

Look for Our Weekly WRAF Report by Noon Sunday!

Learn How to Read and Interpret Our WRAF!

We read the mind of the market…
for you by analyzing dozens of commodities including
stock indexes, metals, interest rate derivatives, and currencies ...


We Trade the C O S M I C

Commodity Option Stock Metal Interest Currency

Our Indicators sequentially analyze and alert us toward future market
intention by facilitating condition, cycle, direction, trend, fractal,
momentum, resistance, sentiment & support.

FuturesTalk is Your Window into the Markets where We Read the Mind of the Market!

... an education & training company where we display candlestick charts of broader markets in our Zoom Room Live Trade Radio from 7 to 8 AM (Pacific). In addition Zoom Room Radio offers structured Education & Training for traders who wish to improve their understanding of financial markets in Commodities.

We, therefore, observe several futures charts to provide entries off fractal highs or lows.  We sell highs more frequently than we buy lows because selling is the quicker way to gain.

We will Teach You to Trade the F E D S Way!

Room moderators combine tremendous trading talent and teach only when there is a “teaching moment” in the live markets to explain a setup on which to ACT.  We love commodity futures markets and trade regularly…  as we demonstrate how to trade successfully while sharing our views with subscriber guests… as we think on our feet when entry opportunity presents itself, or one of our spotters provides notification.


Our trading days collectively contain many trading opportunities: 

  1. Scheduled Economic News releases

  2. The USA Morning NYSE Opening Bell Index Trade!

  3. IntraDay Trade Setup Entry Alerts!

  4. Swing Trade Setup Entry Alerts!

  5. Weekly Crude Oil Trade Report

A significant % of daily trade volume is transacted between 5 and 8 (PST)
because it’s during European Afternoon and U.S.A Morning simultaneously! 


Since many of us traders lead isolated lives “At Home Alone”, we need a "Trader’s Coffee Club" environment to visit for human interaction where we may discuss fears, uncertainties, and doubts (FUDS). Sharing intentions, such as: "Entering long/short NQ at 11,100 with 10 tick stop and 40 tick target is viewed by others to consider and/or reject.


We read the mind of the commodities markets! 

Fibonacci ABCD Pattern
Baseline OHLC ( Open High , Low Close ) OHLC bar trading charts
Japanese Candlesticks Harami  Chart Patterns
Forecasting Market Direction of Futures
Geometry ABCD future charts pattern
Indicators Trend Cycle
Regimen Futures Trading Routines
Signal Setup Futures Stock Options
Time Frames Chart Futures

OHLC bar trading charts
Harami  Chart Patterns
Market Direction of Futures
future charts pattern
Trend Cycle
Futures Trading Routines
Futures Stock Options
Chart Futures

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